Here you will find articles I’ve written, and articles others have written, that have particular relevance to polytheists.

My Articles 

A Book List for Polytheists

Defining Polytheism

Polytheistic Theology: Avenue of Avenues

Polytheism and Perspective: Some Thoughts

Polytheism and Philosophy

Many Vs. One – Crucial Paradigms

Archetypes are Idols, not Gods

The Gods are Amoral

On the Nature of the Norse Gods

Loki & Polytheism

Hearing the Gods

Approaching Deity

Action and Gratitude

The Importance of Sacrifice

Communing with the Gods

Communicating with the Gods

Favor of the Gods and/or Divine Entitlement


How the Gods Found Me

Priesthood, Change, and Differences

What Polytheist Priests Should Provide


Articles by Others *** Coming Soon***