Here you will find the articles I’ve written pertaining to the stances I take on various controversial topics within Paganism and Heathenry, as well as general articles about my path as a whole.

Controversial Topics within Paganism

Cultural Appropriation

Striking Similarities

The Problem with Life-Denying Faiths


Controversial Topics within Heathenry 


My Thoughts on UPGs

My View on the Lore

On Being an Eclectic Heathen



General Articles About Polytheism 

Orthopraxy and Orthodoxy

Archetypes are Idols, not Gods

The Gods are Amoral

Action and Gratitude

Defining Polytheism

Polytheistic Theology: Avenue of Avenues

Polytheism and Perspective: Some Thoughts

Polytheism and Philosophy

The Importance of Sacrifice

Communing with the Gods

Etymology of the Word God

Hearing the Gods


General Articles about My Path

Why I’m a Polytheist

Hearing the Gods

How the Gods Found Me

Why I’m Solitary

Venturing Beyond the Solitary Path

An Eclectic Type of Courage

Doubts and Limits

Ironic: Poem & Discussion of Privilege

Violent Dreams and Magic